looking back

Looking back – October

I did so many things this month, yet in the same time I feel like I haven’t did anything. During the month of October I came over my fear of submitting my writing to a magazine, not just one, three! Also, I have enrolled into a jewelry design course, which is something I have been postponing for years so far, and this gave me a better understanding of what I have always thought about it. If you’re a reader of my blog you might have noticed that I didn’t write much this month, which left me frustrated. It didn’t go well with reading too. I haven’t finished a book this month. One reason is I couldn’t prepare the list of books I wanted to read in October, which lead me to start 3 books, 2 in which I dropped, and one still reading to far (and thankfully its interesting).

So here is a summary of the things I did/enjoyed during the month of October 🙂

Dramas / movies I enjoyed watching

  • Jealousy Incarnate (Korean drama)
  • Time Renegades (Korean movie)
  • we Married as a Job (Japanese drama)
  • Disappointing Husband (Japanese Drama)

My little achievements this month

  • Published 2 writing on Saile Magazine –> see my posts here
  • Submitted a book review to Saile Magazine Instagram account
  • Surprisingly, my book review was re-posted by the National Media Council
  • Attended a Jewelry design course (which I will write a post reflecting my thoughts about it soon)
  • Went to Dubai Design District during Dubai design week

Random things I enjoyed

  • Pumpkin spice latte, which I wait for all year to have it
  • “Grammarly” application which I found super helpful since i write
  • The weather is getting cooler and a little breezy
  • started going back to the gym (Im no longer a potato couch)
  • Read a manga (japanese comic), which was nostalgic. It made me remember myself when I was in middle school, obsessed and spending all my money on them


That’s all what I have been up to during October!

Thank you for reading





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