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November so far

November is half done, however the weather is still warm. Oh global warming. This month is passing away so fast. so far things are going well. I recently went on a retail therapy,  and I mainly blame stress induced from work for that. my retail therapy has two many components, that is books and furniture! I went and ordered 2 books, bought four books and 2 magazines, and my heart is happy. I also bought a small side table and a basket to hold my books and magazine next to my reading chair. I’m starting to add things into my reading corner. As for books choices, I am pretty happy with the picks, mainly revolves around woman struggles in life from different culture and time periods.

the small table and basket I bought

 Everytime I visit Muji, I feel like im in Japan, even though I have never been there. The soft, simple instrumental music that they play just make it hard on me to leave the shop. I always visit the store whenever I go to the mall. Just to entertain my eyes with beautiful furniture and clothing. so I thought of making a small collection of interior design inspired by Muji style .

I also started experimenting candle making (in the sense of melting candle and adding scents and dried flowers) I made three candle blocks to hang around and 2 candles to burn. I’m actually considering experimenting more for gift


Thanks for reading


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