looking back

Looking back – November

2016 is closing soon, November is over and I can’t believe how fast this year went by. At the beginning of November, I have made a post regarding the things I did, so to recap:

  • I attended Rupi Kaur’s performance on the 2ed of November, which was something new for me as I have never attended poetry performance.
  • I signed up for a gym membership, and I failed at attending the gym; went only for 14 days (I guess I felt that going home and reading is more important)
  • Read wonderful books, which I deeply loved (refer to November Books post)
  • Went for an interview at work for distinguished employees, which I failed miserably at (I wasn’t convinced in going to the interview, but people around me kept insisting that I should. Lesson learned: don’t do something you don’t feel is right even if everyone is telling you to.. I just didn’t feel its right –sigh- ).
  • Documentaries/ movies I enjoyed watching:


  •  Tony Robbins: I am not your Guru (AMAZING documentry)
  • (Dis)honestry:Truth about lies
  • Before the flood
  • Moana
  • If cats disappeared from the world

Overall, I haven’t written enough during November, and I don’t know why is that… maybe that is due to the stress I started to accumulate from work. The problem is, during October, I tried to simply accept the state that I am in –  with not knowing what I want to do in life, and go to work everyday knowing that its not the place for me… however I couldn’t keep that. This state is so annoying, I cant accept the state that I am, and I don’t know where to go or what to do. –sigh

That’s all for this post.

Thanks for reading



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