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Lately, I’ve been into watching inspirational documentaries, videos on YouTube and following accounts on Instagram. Since I check social media almost daily, I prefer surrounding myself with positive vibes in the hopes they would diffuse into my (thick) skin.

So in this post I’ll be sharing a bundle of inspiration I have loved so far. Enjoy!


  • Tony Robbins – I’m not your Guru

I have mentioned this documentary in my “Looking back –November”post. Many people I follow on You Tube have been (Highly) recommending this documentary, and after I watched it, I know why. Tony Robbins has a strong, charismatic personality, which when he talks, he strikes deep into your heart! The background of this documentary, is that Tony does this event, which is called “Date with Destiny” for 6 days, where he helps over 2,000 people change their perspective in their lives, and help them gain their focus again.

I must say, I almost cried while watching it because he speaks face to face with people who went through so many things during their lives, and you know its real from their eyes. Its just amazing and so motivating seeing how he help people. Defiantly one of the best things I watched this year.

Check out the documentary on Netflix

Also, check out inspiring quotes from the documentary by clicking here

  • The Minimalists

I have written a post in the beginning of the year about adopting a ‘minimalist’ lifestyle, which was inspired from “the Minimalists”. Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, are those two guys who had decided one day to reevaluate their life. As in if the life they are having brings them happiness, peace or satisfaction. And the answer was: no. So they started this journey of ‘minimalism’ which means  simplifying life, by looking at your job, possessions, relationship and evaluating it, if it doesn’t brings you  happiness, just let it go, until you are left with what’s important and brings you joy. During the documentary, they go on their 9-month tour around US, talking to people about their idea, and during that, they interview people who have been in the ‘field’ of minimalism before.

Honestly, I’ve been eyeing to purchase the documentary since it was published, and I’m glad I finally did. I enjoyed it very much. I really love the idea of minimalism, and I have applied it at the beginning of the year (but things got rough after we moved) and I’ll be writing a post about my experience. If your not familiar with this topic, I encourage you to visit the minimalist website to get an overview.

Check out the documentary on the following link:

Also check out inspiring quotes from A Memoir by the Minimalists “Everything That Remains” by clicking here

Note: I purchased it through Vimeo for 20$ + there are additional interviews which I really enjoyed and found helpful

  •  YouTube videos

TEDx Talk: Why some of us don’t have one true calling – Emilie Wapnick

This is an eye opener for me. Emilie talks about those people who don’t have one thing that they want to pursue, instead they are interested in different fields, which makes it hard for them to fit in the category of “finding your true calling”.

From my personal experience, I can say that I don’t have one thing that I like, and this makes it so difficult for me to figure out what is the thing that I must pour all my energy and love into? What is the one thing I have to pursue ? This is where Emilie comes to the term of “Multipotentiaite”. Which are people who have interests in many fields that sometimes are not relatable. She dive into explaining the “Super powers” these people have, and why it is important for Multipotentiaite to go after their “many” passions and not to stick with one thing (which might kill your “Multipotentiaite power”) I highly recommend you to watch it.

You can watch the TedTalk by clicking here

  • Instagram accounts

Untitled chapter and Sail Magazine

Two Instagram accounts that nurture the love  of writing and reading. I found it the perfect place for me to join and follow since I have just entered this field. What’s beautiful about these two accounts is that they share inspiration about writing, read and showcasing local Emirati writers and simply makes you want to stop whatever you are doing and grab a book.

follow Untitled chapters by clicking here and sail magazine here

Humans of New York

I love this account so much! It’s just the thing I have been looking for. To make it simple, I love reading about others people’s life, learning about their difficulties, their happiness and success. And when I heard about this account (through my good friend) I got excited to dive into the account. It simply contains pictures of people living in New York and in the description it tells about their story, sometimes it would be sentences and sometimes with would be a long story.

Follow the account by clicking here

That’s all for this post, it’s pretty long, and I’m thankful for all who read through it.

Have a lovely day



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