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Second-hand books

I love reading, and collecting books have been a thing I love to do ever since I started taking reading as a passion more than just a hobby. As you have come across my previous post, that I am trying to cooperate a “minimalistic approach” into my life ever since the beginning of 2016. Moreover, since I love collecting books, I thought of how I can do it but in a more “minimal way”. That is when I thought about second-hand books. To be honest, I never thought there would be second-hand bookstores anywhere near me, but I found. And ever since, I started giving away the books I have read to the store and buying second hand. Of course, I don’t get paid much, but that is not the point of giving away my books. You see, after I read a book, it stays on my bookshelf collecting dust, so instead I thought of giving them another life and let someone else enjoy reading them as much as I did (but I do keep the ones that I really loved). As for the price of second-hand books, it’s usually 1/3rd of the standard price (usually the books I get are roughly 60dirhams,  second-hand are around 20 dirhams). So you save up money! Also, what’s interesting is that the second-hand store I go to return to me 50% of the price when I get the book back. Honestly, second-hand bookstores are not well known, especially in our community, and I wish to see more of these bookstores where they encourage to build a local community that shares the passion of reading.

So if you have a collection of books that do nothing but collect dust, consider donating or selling them online or to second-hand books. You never know who will enjoy reading them.

*The second-hand bookstore I go to is Book of Prose, it has two locations. You can visit their website for more information.


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