looking back

Looking back- December

It is the last day of December, and I’m overwhelmed with all the things that happened through this month.

Somewhere above the ground

If I had to put a theme for this month achievements I would say it was the month for self-growth. Throughout the month, I have been listening to many podcasts about self-growth and minimalism, which I found interesting and valuable. I have come across two new podcasts; “Over it and On with it” by Christine Hassler and “Optimal Living Daily”. I have also been catching up with “The Minimalists” podcast, which have been my favorite thing to listen to throughout the month. I personally have two favorite podcast episodes that I found inspiring,  the one on Creating and Writing.

December sky

In the beginning of December, I have attended a very exciting workshop about starting a blog and sustaining it. Since I own a blog, I wanted to learn more about this craft and meet people around me who does the same. I found it very interesting and inspiring.

Date with a precious soul

I have also come across a new “Minimalism” blog called  Zen Habits. Not only does it discuss minimalism, but also topics about building habits, meditation and self-help tips.

Friends meetup

And as always, I have watched couple of films this month, which were;

  • Miss little sunshine
  • Talvar
  • SandStrom
  • Salam neighbor
  • The Minimalists documentary*
  • Waffle Street*

*I found those really inspiring.

And before I wrap up this post, I want to share with you an inspiring video I found on You Tube which, to be honest, made me rethink about my life. If you liked it definitely share it with your friends and family and let me know what you thought about it.

Inspirational vidoe

Thank you for reading and I hope you found something valuble in this post.

Oh and Happy New Year 🙂


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