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The act of giving

It’s always been said, “giving is better than receiving”. Giving is more rewarding, it makes you feel better about yourself. Giving people who need the things that you no longer need, not only make them happy but also spreads love and caring. At least that’s how I think about it.

During December, I went over my things, and I was surprised to see many items I kept from last year as “I might need it”, and surprisingly, I did not need it throughout the year. So I collected around 20 clothing item and a huge mountain of books for donating. I can’t tell you how much I feel good about getting rid of all the things I don’t need or use any longer. Many of the clothing items I donated didn’t make me feel good about myself, it didn’t spark joy. As for the books, I enjoyed every one of them through this year, and its time to let them go, and hopefully someone else will enjoy them as much as I did.

I invite everyone to go back and look at your belongings. Ask yourself:

  • What are the things I no longer use?
  • How many things I own I never knew I had?
  • How many things I kept just because “I might need it some day” (but that day never came)
  • How many of the things I own can be used by someone else?

Start with yourself, and encourage your family and friends. The things you will find will surprise you.


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