I pack my bag

My clothes, my socks, and my books

I put note and a pen

I pack little things I need

To ride on the plane

To go away


I’m going alone

There’s no one but myself

Days ago, I sat on my bed

Scrolling down what seemed like places I can lose myself in

I book my flight

I gather my essentials

And go alone


I didn’t tell a soul of my journey

I didn’t speak to my mother nor my father

I wanted to tell my dear friend

But I couldn’t

I wanted to be alone


I board the flight

Closed my eyes

I count my breaths

And lose myself to sleep

I feel a nudge on my shoulder

“Would you like to have dinner” I was told

I couldn’t understand what I was told at first

I felt hazy

I shook my head and looked at the window

The sun was setting

How much time has passed since I left home

Playing my role as if I’m going to work

As if its a normal day

My mother will be worried

I thought

I placed my head back

I had to break away

I had to do something I’ve always wanted to do

I didn’t want to regret not doing

I can’t keep on obeying

Not forever.



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