Mindfulness · Thoughts about life


What is happiness? Is a destiny? A goal to reach? A dream to make come true? Or is it just an emotion?

Most of us never think about it. If you did then well done. I personally never thought what happiness is. In its core.

I have always thought that happiness is the goal, a state I have to work for, thrive to achieve. But not until I came to the realization that happiness is just an emotion. Same as sadness, happiness is an emotion we feel when certain events happen to us. It comes and fades away.

I have come to notice that what I have to thrive for is to feel contentment, grateful for the life I have, for the people I have around me, for the person I have become. I have once heard that “Happiness is nothing but a byproduct of leading a meaningful life”(The Minimalists). Think about it.If you want to feel happy, reevaluate your life. Do things that feel meaningful to you. If that means quitting your current job and writing full time. Do it. Be confident with your decision. If you want to have a change in your life, create a change that equals what you want.



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