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When I created this blog last year, I wanted to pour out my thoughts somewhere on the internet. I never made a statement of “creating a meaningful content” as a priority. However, back in December, I came across one of The Minimalists podcast that spoke about “writing”. Since Joshua Millburn is a writer (one of the minimalists) he gave insights about writing. He shocked  me with something I consider now putting into practice every time I write;

  • To write a meaningful content. Something that adds value to people.
  • And now to waste people’s time.

Let’s take a step and look at these statements. When anyone of us writes, we basically want people to read what we wrote, correct? But, let’s be honest, not every one of us is mindful enough to step back and ask our self “did I write something that will add value to someone’s life? Is it meaningful?”

I’m guilty too.  I looked back at my old posts and noticed that I was rambling about personal topics that in the end, I did not conclude what went wrong and how can someone benefit from my problem. The second point is not wasting someone’s time. You see, when someone reads your writing, they are giving up their time to spend it reading your thoughts and ideas. Isn’t selfish to write things that do not make sense or things that don’t add value and still get frustrated when no one reads your work? That’s why, when we create we should present people something valuable, if not, then entertaining but also meaningful and not just a waste of time.

Since I’m planning to write more meaningful content this year, listening to the podcast gave me an insight on the topic and help me realize how it’s important to be mindful when writing. I highly recommend checking out The Minimalist Podcast about writing.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you found this post helpful.



2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. I’ve also listened this podcast. It’s changed my perspective of writing. Writing something meaningful not just stuff. And also let me tell you that your posts add value in my life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Keep shining !

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