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Defining success

We live in a world where success means acquiring a prestigious career, high salary, big home and the latest technology. People around us, and most of the time, the culture, create a specific checklist to be checked in order for a person to be successful. We believe there is an intangible definition of success. Few of us know that success can have other definitions, another perspective.

Throughout my whole life, from graduating school, to graduating university, to starting my job, I have always been told that being successful means climbing the ladder of career. Working hard, continuing my degree in something that is high in demand. No one ever told me that success comes from within, it’s never in materialist acquirement. No one ever told me that success is when you do the thing you like, being confident in yourself, helping others, being creative, and above all, having inner peace with yourself and your life.

The problem is, it’s not only my case. Many of us are made to understand that money, having a high-status career defines success. Making sure that your “hobbies” are kept aside, because it’s not a priority.

When you define success, you will have a better understanding of what matters, according to you. In my opinion, I believe a successful person is a person who is always growing, is a person who does what he or she is passionate about (even when that keeps on changing with time). It’s a person who is honest with himself or herself, and contribute to the world.

I encourage you to sit down for ten minutes and write down what makes a person successful in your opinion, and it will sure make things clearer to you.


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