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True callings … Where did it go wrong

“You were not meant to do any one thing for the rest of your life. And yet this idea of birthright mission is propaganda throughout our society, throughout the Internet in particular, as if each person has preordained vocation that he or she must pursue, as if evolution or natural selection or whatever has spent thousands of years plotting and transmogrifying so that you can be a writer or a yoga teacher or an astronaut”                                                                                                                          –  Everything that Remains

Nowadays, if you go into the “self-help” communities on the internet, you’ll definitely stumble upon the topic of “finding your true calling”. Personally, I’ve been reading a lot about this topic. Not only that, I have listened to may influential people talking about how everyone should seek to know their “one true calling” and consequently, pour all your hard work, passion, and soul into bringing it to life.

However, I have been always focusing on one side of the story. The side that says there is “one” true calling. However, from the vast opinions I have been reading and listening to, a person “calling” (or you a can call it passion) changes.

I’ll speak about my experience. For the longest time, after I graduated school and while I was in university, I “knew” that working for myself and being my own boss is the thing I want to do (and I still believe that). But at that time, hand made craft were the work I wanted to present to the word. I worked in that field (part-time while I was studying) for almost 5years, then I hit a point where I wanted to change my direction (which I realized a couple of months ago). Instead of presenting my handmade craft to the world, I want to present my writing. I want to practice and polish my writing the same way I practiced and polished my handicraft skills. So I noticed that my “passion” of presenting my handmade craft for the world has gone, and now I’m passionate about something else.

One true calling does not fit my personality, as I like to experience different fields and see what fits me the best. However, some people feel more confident and safe being in one field throughout their lives and that’s up to them. What I want to say is that having “one true calling” might not fit everyone’s criteria, and thus making them feel lost more than ever (like in my case).

My take off is, experience different fields, and see what fits you the best.

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