story · Thoughts about life

Her Priority

She is stuck in the office. Facing a screen, that is emitting light, stress, and nonsense to her life. She was told to get a “proper” job, to get a paycheck. To support herself. She is told to do this, to write that and to get things done. Priority. Everything she doing is an urgent priority. She lost track to what is really a priority. Is it going to a job she doesn’t like? Is it in listening to people’s  angry talks? Is it all worth it? Even when all that makes her miserable?

She is told, “To do her job, and then do whatever she want”. They don’t understand that she want is a quite life. A life that is not rushed. A slow, calm life. She wants to wake up early in the morning, read books, do yoga, make breakfast and write. She wants to cook and bake, slowly, not rushing anything. She wants to leave the busy city.

Many of us are going through the same things she is going through. Many of us have jobs or even study things we don’t like, just because people around us “think” it’s the right thing to do. For those who are struggling, remember that this is your life. After 10 or 20 years, we might regret not doing what we want, and instead settling for something others wanted. Create a change. Change your thoughts. Remind yourself to take the lead of your life. Explain to the people around you, who pressure, that you do not want to settle with your current life. That you want to have another path.

Take action. You don’t have to take big steps, only if you want to. You can have a plan, and you can just throw yourself at opportunities.


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