Thoughts about life

Let me be


Thinking too much

Stressing too much

I shut out the voice in me

“Be quite”

Let us be normal

Let us go with the flow

Stop making them uncomfortable

Of me, wandering away

Of me, being uncertain

I sit alone, every night

Shutting the lights

Sitting in the dark

Listing to the stillness of the night

A car would pass

A man would laugh

I sit, still

Trying to clear my mind

From the clutter, I have accumulated

I always think, how to live

How should a person live?

Do we do things we don’t like?

Hoping every day for a solution

When can we just quit

I keep looking at others

Who bought their freedom

I try to think, how?

What do they all have


That is what they have

To go with their way

To let go

I do care about you, but

I care for myself to

How can I know without seeing it?

Without feeling it

Stop protecting me, I know

You care deeply for me

But, dear let me be

Let me wander

Let me fall, but

Let me stand alone

I have a ritual ever night

To sit alone, in the dark

Under the moon


Why not?


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