looking back

Looking back- February

Durning February I have turned 24. It stills feels unreal, that I have grown up. since I feel that I’m growing up every day that passes. During this month, I have read quite a lot of books, which makes me feel delighted. I have ordered quite a lot of books from an online bookstore called book depository, which had so many books I couldn’t find in my local bookstore. The books I have read this month were:

As for the movies, I have quite enjoyed the selection I have watched this month:

  • La La Land
  • Hidden Figure
  • The founder
  • To kill a mocking bird

Also, I have come across really valuable material, which I felt added so much value and knowledge in my life.

  1. YouTube channel: CrashCourse : An educational channel that teaches you about a variety of topics; from history, philosophy, psychology, literature and so much more. the interesting thing about this channel is the fun, to the point teaching method.
  2. YouTube channel: TheSchoolofLife: This is another educational channel, which, however, focuses more about self, relationships and work. it also discuss topics such as sociology, philosophy, and literature. They also have an online store, from which I bought a book called “Great Thinkers“. I have just started reading this book. I find really inspiring and valuable. It explains Philosophy in a really simple way.

That’s all for this months wrap up. I hope you have found something valuable in this post.



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