Thoughts about life

I just want to be happy

Today, while I was driving back home, I felt light. As if, old memories suddenly visited me again, making me feel nice. I tried to listen to a podcast, but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to listen about how it is important to seek a better job you love or go after your dream. All is important. However, I grew sick, for not knowing what to do. Today, I didn’t want think at all. To only be happy, with now.

I felt happy today, when I entered the office, I greeted my coworkers, and I was greeted back by someone I look up to. It made my heart flutter with happiness. Things were smooth. My boss was not angry with me. I met him today. I felt like a child, laughing alone at his jokes in the meeting. But I didn’t care. I simply wanted to be happy.

I bought an apple pie after work. I laughed and talked a lot to myself all the way back. I also sang. I played a Disney princess, singing her heart out. Telling the world how frustrated she was. I felt crazy, but I felt happy.

“So many people around me, but, nobody cares to listen to me, I wonder why?”

At that moment, words were coming to me, like a heavy rain. Now, when I think back, if I only recorded it, it would have been the next Disney princes’s theme song.


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