looking back

Looking back – March

March has taken its time, it felt long. So many things have happened to me during this month, to that point, I felt detached from myself. I lived a deadly routine every day, from work to home, where I felt every day is the same. Thankfully, reading was the most eventful thing. Work has been difficult. Many things changed, which felt as if people around me were testing my patients.

During March, I read a lot, a 600 pages novel, which felt like the achievement so far concerning reading. I read four beautiful books:

As for films, I wasn’t lucky enough to come across interesting films, as I only watched three:

  • NANA
  • It’s Tough being a family
  • The Kodai Family

I’m not sure if I had mentioned it on my blog, but since late February I have become part of SAIL magazine family, where I edit articles. So far during March I was fully engaged in my role, which felt exciting as I was doing something I have never thought I would do, but equally interesting and rewarding.


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