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And so, She left

Without a fail, every morning she wakes up without snoozing the alarm. Without a fail, everyday she pull herself together. Every day, without a fail, she reminds herself to be patient .But one day, she stopped. She woke up, She didn’t feel well, but that wasn’t enough for her to call sick. She sat up on her bed, her curtains are still shut, the sun hasn’t come up yet. She drank some water, but that feeling was still there. She thought of how much she was pushing herself, how much she wasn’t taking care of what she thought, on what she felt. She looked at her phone, it was 5:45am. No one has woken up yet. The thought of running away from all the responsibilities wasn’t a foreign idea. She has always thought of leaving everything, and starting new. And so she did. 

She stood up, opened the curtains, made her bed, spayed lavender in her room, and prepared her bath tub. She warmed the water, spread rose petals, dropped essential oil. She stayed there for long. She heard her siblings and mother. She wasn’t disturbed.

When she finished her bath, it was 7:30. The house was empty, she made herself a breakfast, a meal she only eats on weekends, those days she treat as a gift. She toasted bread, fried an egg and cut the avocado. Her mother comes and sees her, ” Dont you have work today?” Her mother asked. she suddenly felt a lump in her throat, “I thought of taking the day off” she said to her mother, wishing to be supported. “Thats good dear, you should take some day off every once in a while, but not every week , I dont want to hear people saying that you are fooling at work”. She didnt know what to say, she nodded her head, finished her breakfast, and went to her room. She laid down on the floor, where sun rays washed her. She stayed there until she heard the door slam. And that was it. She suddenly felt that she needs to go out. 

She wasn’t like the girls her age. She was a very obedient child. She would listen and do whatever it took to draw a smile on her mother’s face. Which meant not going out during school days, when her classmates would go to the mall after school. Which meant always leaving the first in every party. Which meant studying a major she wasn’t every found of and dropping from something her mother thought as a waste of time. Which meant, working in a place that brought pride to her mother, and misery to her. 

But, she had to break that, even if that meant to break her mother’s heart. She took out a large handbag she bought eight years ago. A bag, the minute she saw it she knew that she will carry when she will go on her dream adventure. She pulled it out, and knew that what she needs are two basic things, her clothes and her writing set, because she will be writing about her dream come true.


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