story · Thoughts about life


For a whole month she hasn’t written a single word. Every time she holds her pen, she stares at the blank paper upon her, as if, waiting for the words to appear on the surface. “I feel Ill” she murmured. For not writing a single word felt as sickness. Words swarm around her head. She feels the existence of the words, as they go around and around. But, they dont seem like coming out.

She reads everything and anything that her eyes sees. Trying to encourage the words to come out, to see how the written words on paper look like. They have a presence. 

She goes out, try to describe everything she sees, but, it feels as if someone chocked her, preventing the words to leave her lips. Soon,she thinks, those words will die. Soon, those empty papers will fill the room. Soon, she will feel as if she does not exist, for she cannot express herself.

Words, are not mere visible letters, they’re alive.

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