Coming back

She enters the house, drenched in sweat. Summer has come too early. Not giving spring any chance to blossom. Only days counted on fingers. Beautiful, raining days. That’s our spring. She takes off her abaya and sheila. Her organic cotton shirt, she thought would be perfect for the light summer day, held against her back. As if a layer of skin, waiting to be shed off. She’s hungry. She hasn’t eaten since breakfast expect for a small piece of cheap chocolate her colleague gave her between meetings.

She walks to the washroom, sheds her clothes and stays under the ice-cold water for a while, closing her eyes. She tried to erase all that has happen to her today. She avoids remembering. She tried to imagine a vast white room, where no corners can be seen. Just to make her worries vanish. Nothing.

She closes the water tap, dress and sprays apricot fragrance onto her clothes. The room is cold and refreshing. She falls in her bed. Wraps herself with the warm cover and drift to sleep. Forgetting the day.

For reference

An Abaya is an outer clothe that resembles a light coat Muslim woman especially in the Middle East wear.

Sheila is a headscarf Muslim woman wear to cover their heads as per Islam teachings


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