looking back

Looking back -May

One reason I haven’t posted anything about May is that I barely remember what I have did. I’ve noticed that if I didn’t write down what I have done, I will forget. All I’ll remember is -blank-. Its such a bizarre thing. The only thing I keep track of are the movies I’ve watched and the books I’ve read. Other than that, it feels that that month didn’t even exists. Its a good thing, for which I won’t remember the bad days, and a bad thing, for I won’t remember the good ones, if I didn’t mark them. Therefore, I have decided to keep a short daily logbook, mainly to track down my emotional tornado,but also to see what I mainly do every day, and upon that change, since I have been wanting to change my routine for the longest time.So during May I have watched many many movies:

  • Their finest
  • Don’t forget me
  • Will you be there
  • The long excuse 
  • Casting JonBenet
  • Gifted
  • Anna Karenina
  • The beautiful fantastic 
  • The Exclusive:beat the Devils tattoo

And did my average number of book reading (so far I read 3 books a month):

  • ثلاثية غرناطة
  • The Nightingale 
  • ما بين زوجتين
  • Books v. Cigarettes 
  • Pachinko

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