Thoughts about life

The limit 

There is an Arabic saying, which goes by “وصلت حدّي”, which literary translate to “I’ve reached my limit”. 

Its is said when the person has reached their threshold. When all their patients is drained, therefore, they are unable to handle the situation at hand.

Generally, we Arab, say this statement in an angry tone. As if the people surrounding this person handles this situation, therefore, demanding this situation to be taken over, managed, or given a solution.

I personally repeat this statement over and over again in my head, whenever things get sticky at work, at home, with myself. Surrendering myself. Giving up.

Reaching our limit is a normal thing. Being discourage by the situation at hand. Thinking, maybe things need to change. To me, reaching my limit means it’s time to turn around. Looking for new solutions. Knowing and believing that being more patient, as many people around me think, isn’t the only solutions.


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