looking back

Looking back – June

Ramadan and Eid has both come and go, all in the same month. It was busy, and many things have changed. Unintentionally, I stopped reading novels. Its been almost three weeks since I have read a  novel. Instead, I shifted to read self-help books and books that enhance my skills in certain areas. I have noticed this year, I’m eager to finish every book I start, even if I wasn’t enjoying it. So during June I have dropped three books, which I didnt find interesting. And instead of finishing books in 1 or 2 week time, I take my time to read when I feel like reading, and when I’m not reading, I learn. Which takes me to my next point. I was introduced to an interesting free-online course presented by Pixar and Khan academy on storytelling. Its my first time learning about writing and telling a story, which I find very interesting. I’m still half way through, and hopefully once I finish I’ll write a brief about it.

During the month I have read an Arabic novel الطنطورية which as much as it was heart breaking, I enjoyed very much. Also, I have started reading two books, which I still haven’t finish: (1) Flow: by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and (2) The art of opinion writing: by Suzette Martinez. I have also been reading KINFLOK and FRANKIE magazine.

As for the films, I have watched one Korean movie (1)  Chronicle of a Blood a Merchant, and rewatched (2) Children who chase lost voices, and finally watched (3) Your Name, which I loved so much. The movie made me think, how Japanese movies, especially Ghibli’s the those directed by Makoto Shinkai stir in us so many emotions.  Your heart ache, you smile, you cry, you laugh, and then you feel like, how can they create such movies… so many feeling.


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