Thoughts about life

Thank you

Its such an underrated word. Some people say it as if they are giving you charity.

Some people say it under their breath, hoping that you didn’t hear it.

Someone people, say it with their heart.

They say it with every little thing you do to them.

Thank you, really lift the soul

You might not notice it, because sadly people around us say its just a word. It doesn’t give you the time you have spent helping that person, and not does it pay you.

They’re wrong, and I don’t blame them, because their blinded by the beauty of this word.

Thank you means I appreciate your help, your time, your work, your effort.

Even if they just throw it to your face in distress, in disgust, in anger, in pity, in ego. Take it , smile their way, and tell them “You’re welcome”


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