Thoughts about life

Thoughts about my life … so far

I cannot say I just realized. I have always knew, for the longest time, that I’m avoiding the topic. Or maybe, knowing only so little. I’m told to have a goal, in a job I’m not fond of. In a job, I keep on telling myself it’s only temporary. ‘I’m only here for a little while’. I didn’t know how to answer. Or, how to be honest. So I stayed quite. I did not utter an answer. Is it wrong to live a quiet life? Away from having a big, shimmering, fancy goal. Can I not live every day, day in and day out, just trying to be a better human? Yes, my goal is to be a better human. To be more understanding, helpful, empathetic, kinder, loving. To be a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend. Can I not live every day, day in and day out, achieving small goals? 

My goal in life is to be a better human. It might not impress people, but it does impress myself. To come down to this point. To realize that this is what I want to walk toward. Of course, I do have little goals I want to achieve; to read more books, to find a job I love (something related to  books, publishing, editing) and to travel across Japan.

To me, life should be lived in a way where you appreciate every day for what it brings, for what it gives, looking at the brighter side, and being happy with the small achievements, even if that means your cat has allowed you to pet her. That’s an achievement.


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