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It’s been a long time since I have written here. I had plans. Of writing about my adventures, of the things I did while I was away traveling. But, sadly, things did not work out. I lost interest in documenting my life. I lost interest in the things I did.

During the trip, I was away from my routine. I immersed myself in reading. Consuming as many books as I can. And I did well. If I was asked, what did you do on your summer vacation? I would say I read 11 books in three weeks.

  • ولم يرحمني احد
  • It’s Not Yet Dark
  • Stay with Me
  • New Boy
  • The Best We Could Do
  • Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
  • Girl in Snow
  • Moshi moshi
  • Ghachar Ghochar
  • your name.
  • Exit West

My vacation was a dream. Not in the sense of that, I had utterly enjoyed it, although I was anxious and stressed out during it for many reasons, because I was away from everything I ever knew. I dressed diffrently. I ate diffrently, and I have adapted an accent.


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